I'm still working through my pages, but I have much less work left than when I began. I'm shocked I've managed to accomplish anything, but much more that in so doing I've met you wonderful people. Anyway, I'll continue as I have. I plan to use the inbuilt editor, out of spite at myself as much as habit. And I do consider all suggestions, so let me know if you have any, of any nature. In particular, I don't know what to put here on the index page. Hence my weird writeup! XD

For the real ones who remember when this page just had a scrawl of h1 text...

Hello, this is your captain speaking. Not only is the ship sinking, but it has already sunk; and not only has it already sunk, but we are indeed all dead; and not only are we now in hell, but we have become hell itself; and not only is hell us, but everything else too; and by such a union we are not only cursed, but free; and all this is not only a farce, but a blessing; and I'm not only being taken away by security, but I will be forced to medicate; and what I've said will affect not only your experience on this cruise, but my professional credibility.

My man just can't catch a break...

All HTML, CSS, Javascript, and text are mine. (And the staircase). Shamelessly, the rest has been stolen, including the parchment texture by ElijahRain on Liberated Pixel Cup. With many thanks to all, but most of all, to hosted by neocities !

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