Purpose of the site:

If it were possible for anything to be "self-evident," the point of this site would be very close. Still, it seemed like the most natural starting point for an about page. Humans create things; some of these things are called art. In either case the most common reason for their creation is also the most underlooked: unexamined want. I'd say ~25% of my day is spent operating automatically. There's purpose, but it's not "deep." So too with this site.

This site has a number of pages. I hope you can tell as much...I'm not sure how you could be reading this otherwise, unless you have some kind of sadistic "friend" forcing you to read my word salad. And sure, they reveal things about me for what they contain.

At least as far as this site is concerned (ALAFATSIC), ...

However, I'd say they reveal more for what they don't contain.

Design philosophy:

Though much of this is clear from the previous section, I've been thinking up a design philosophy for this site, in large part while I've been designing it. Anyway, I like the bulleted list format. I think it'll help me condense my thoughts into a form better suited for this section, which I call a "philosophy," but is really closer to a code of honor.

About me:

Nice try, lol.